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/* * Name: Sample Program * Author: OnlineClassNotes.COM * Create Date: 26/11/2016 * Last Modified: 27/11/2016 * Tested at using Language: C */ //Linking required library #include <stdio.h> //defining a constant #define MAX_ARRAY_LENGTH 20 //defining a global variable int max_input_length = 15; //declaring an user defined function which has been defined later float addNumbers(float a, float b); int main(){ //declaring a local variable for main() int localVariable = 50; //Accessing a defined constant printf("Max array length is %d\n", MAX_ARRAY_LENGTH); //Accessing a global variable printf("Max input length is %d\n", max_input_length); //Accessing an user defined function, declared in gloabl declaration section printf("Summation of 5.5 and 8.3 = %f\n",addNumbers(5.5,8.3)); return 0; } //defining an user defined function which has been declared earlier. float addNumbers(float a, float b){ return (a+b); }

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