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! ! Welcome to GDB Online. ! program espectro_radiante print* print*,'==========================================' print*,' TABELA DE REFERÊNCIAS' print*,'==========================================' print 100,'COR','FREQUÊNCIA COMPRIMENTO DE ONDA' print*,'------------------------------------------' print 100,'violeta','668-789 THz 380-450 nm' print 100,'azul','606-668 THz 450-495 nm' print 100,'verde','526-606 THz 495-570 nm' print 100,'amarelo','508-526 THz 570-590 nm' print 100,'Laranja','484-508 THz 590-620 nm' print 100,'vermelho','400-484 THz 620-750 nm' print*,'==========================================' 100 format(1x,A,t12,A) stop '>> Programa finalizado! ' end program espectro_radiante

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