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#!/bin/bash # -- VARIABLES ---------------------------------------------------------------- ARCHIV="home" SOURCE="/home" TARGET="/usr/backup" WEEK="" FILES="" #------------------------------------------------------------------------------ # cislo tydne WEEK=$(($(date +"%W") + 1)) if [ "$WEEK" -lt "10" ]; then WEEK="0"$WEEK fi # vygeneruje nazev archivu ARCHIV=$ARCHIV"_"$(date +"%Y")"_w"$WEEK".zip" echo echo "Vytvarim zalohu" echo "===============" echo # proces archivace for TYPE in doc docx xls xlsx ppt pptx dot ods odp rtf pdf txt jpg !; do if [ "$TYPE" == "!" ]; then FILES=$TYPE"*" else FILES="*."$TYPE fi echo -e "\e[97mkomprimuji soubory \e[92m"$SOURCE"/"$FILES"\e[97m -> archiv \e[93m"$TARGET"/"$ARCHIV"\e[0m" #7z a -r -mx=3 -pPASSWORD -bd $TARGET"/"$ARCHIV $SOURCE"/"$FILES > /dev/null done # nastaveni opravneni #chown root:root $TARGET"/"$ARCHIV #chmod 0400 $TARGET"/"$ARCHIV echo echo "-- end scripts --" echo

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