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#!/bin/bash echo -e "\n\e[1;31mWARNING - READ CAREFULLY THE CODE BEFORE USING THIS SCRIPT\e[0m\n" # Never run any code that you don’t trust. # And the only way to truly trust code is to understand what it does. # Read carefully the following documents before you run this script: # # echo -e "\n\e[1;34m[1/4] SCRIPT DEFINITION AND REMARKS...\e[0m" SOURCE_TEMPLATE=deb-11-m NAME=unknown echo -e "This script will add \e[1;32mPROGRAM_A\e[0m and \e[1;32mPROGRAM_B\e[0m ... Furhermore, it will set \e[1;32mSOMETHING_X\e[0m and \e[1;32mSOMETHING_Y\e[0m ... source: https://... source: https://..." echo -e "\n\e[1;34m[2/4] PREPARATION AND SETTINGS...\e[0m" TPL_NAME=$SOURCE_TEMPLATE-$NAME TPL_PROMPT=$TPL_NAME APPVM_NAME=$NAME-m APPVM_LABEL=blue #APPVM_MEMORY=400 #APPVM_VCPUS=2 echo "Enter customized template name OR press ENTER for default" read -r -p "($TPL_NAME): " TPL_PROMPT if [ ${#TPL_PROMPT} != 0 ]; then TPL_NAME=$TPL_PROMPT ; fi echo "Mimimal template name ($TPL_NAME) is set." read -p "Do you want to create an AppVM afterwards? (y/n): " APPVM_Y_N if [ $APPVM_Y_N = y ]; then echo "Enter customized AppVM name OR press ENTER for default" read -r -p "($APPVM_NAME): " APPVM_PROMPT if [ ${#APPVM_PROMPT} != 0 ]; then APPVM_NAME=$APPVM_PROMPT ; fi else if [ $APPVM_Y_N = y ]; then echo "Kept default AppVM naming ($APPVM_NAME)."; fi fi echo "" echo "Type (i) to make individual settings OR press ENTER for default" read -r -p "(i/press ENTER): " SET_PROMPT if [ ${#SET_PROMPT} = 0 ]; then TPL_STD=YES elif [ $SET_PROMPT = i ]; then TPL_STD=NO fi if [ $TPL_STD = NO ]; then read -p "Do you want to use PROGRAM_A? (y/n): " PROGRAM_A read -p "Do you want to set PROGRAM_B? (y/n): " PROGRAM_B fi echo "qvm-clone $SOURCE_TEMPLATE $TPL_NAME" echo -e "\n\e[1;34m[3/4] INSTALLATION OF ALL BUT ONLY NECESSARY PACKAGES...\e[0m" echo "qvm-run --pass-io -u root $TPL_NAME "apt install PACKAGE -y"" if [ $TPL_STD = YES ] || [ $PROGRAM_A = y ]; then echo "qvm-run --pass-io -u root $TPL_NAME "apt install PACKAGE -y"" fi if [ $TPL_STD = YES ] || [ $PROGRAM_A = y ]; then echo "qvm-run --pass-io -u root $TPL_NAME "apt install PACKAGE -y"" fi echo "qvm-shutdown --wait $TPL_NAME" echo -e "\n\e[1;34m[4/4] POST-INSTALLATION ROUTINE...\e[0m" if [ $APPVM_Y_N = y ]; then echo "qvm-create $APPVM_NAME -t $TPL_NAME --label $APPVM_LABEL" echo "INFO: The AppVM ($APPVM_NAME) has been created." fi

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