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/****************************************************************************** Welcome to GDB Online. GDB online is an online compiler and debugger tool for C, C++, Python, Java, PHP, Ruby, Perl, C#, VB, Swift, Pascal, Fortran, Haskell, Objective-C, Assembly, HTML, CSS, JS, SQLite, Prolog. Code, Compile, Run and Debug online from anywhere in world. *******************************************************************************/ #include <stdio.h> #include <time.h> // 5 16 23 43 76 127 210 (minimum size needed for solutions in 3-tuples through 9-tuples) #define size 256 // number of evens/odds to search, size N allows for numbers from 1 to 2N // 256 is maximum without extending the _bits arrays int is_prime[1024]; // unsigned long should be 64-bit, use uint64_t if necessary unsigned long all_bits[size][4]; unsigned long and_bits[10][4]; int group[10]; int best_count=9; // set to minimum length of desired solutions int solutions; void find_best(int pos); // recursive search int popcount(unsigned long x); // unused bit-summation function (implemented in-line) int main() { int i,j,e,o; unsigned long b; time_t t1,t2; is_prime[0]=is_prime[1]=0; for(i=2;i<1024;i++)is_prime[i]=1; for(i=2;i<1024;i++){ if(is_prime[i]==1){ for(j=i*i;j<1024;j+=i)is_prime[j]=0; } } for(i=0,o=1;i<size;i++,o+=2){ for(j=0;j<4;j++)all_bits[i][j]=0; for(j=0,e=2,b=1;j<size;j++,e+=2,b<<=1){ if(b==0)b=1; if(is_prime[o+e]==1){ all_bits[i][j/64]|=b; } } } t1=time(NULL); // beginning of search, restrict the range of the loop variable for partial search // run i=5;i<6 with size 210 for quick output of least-max 9-tuple solutions for(i=0;i<size;i++){ group[0]=i; for(j=0;j<4;j++) and_bits[0][j]=all_bits[i][j]; find_best(1); } t2=time(NULL); printf("%d %ld %ld",solutions,clock(),t2-t1); return 0; } void find_best(int pos){ int i,j,n; unsigned long bit, mask=15; for(i=group[pos-1]+1;i<size;i++){ group[pos] = i; for(j=n=0;j<4;j++){ and_bits[pos][j] = and_bits[pos-1][j] & all_bits[i][j]; // n+=popcount(and_bits[pos][j]); (for loop replaces function call) for(bit=and_bits[pos][j];bit;n++)bit&=bit-1; } if(n>pos){ if(pos<9)find_best(pos+1); if(pos+1>=best_count){ if(pos+1==best_count)solutions++; else solutions=1; best_count=pos+1; printf("%d: ",best_count); for(j=0;j<=pos;j++)printf("%d ",2*group[j]+1); printf("| "); for(j=0,bit=1;j<size;j++,bit<<=1){ if(bit==0)bit=1; if((and_bits[pos][j/64] & bit)==bit)printf("%d ",j+j+2); } printf(" (%d) %ld\n",solutions,clock()); } } } } int popcount(unsigned long x){ int count; for(count=0;x;count++) x&=x-1; return count; }

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