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import os from time import sleep def Files(filepath): print('Lendo a pasta principal [{pasta}]...'.format(pasta=os.path.basename(path=filepath))) sleep(1) BASE = os.path.abspath(path=filepath) n = 1 for files in os.listdir(path=BASE): if os.path.isdir(path=os.path.join(BASE, files)): print(files) for file in os.listdir(path=os.path.join(BASE, files)): print(file) if os.path.isfile(path=os.path.join(BASE, files, file)): try: os.rename(src=os.path.join(BASE, files, file), dst=os.path.join(BASE, 'New_name({}).pdf'.format(n))) n += 1 except Exception as err: print('Arquivo nao pode ser renomeado e movido pelo erro: {}'.format(err)) if __name__ == '__main__': filess = input('deretório principal:') Files(filess)

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