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''' This function will play video made of frames from "animation" list. Each frame will last 0.5 sec, then screen will be cleared using clear() function and next frame will appear on the screen. ''' #importing import os import time import threading from threading import Thread # functions definitions: def clear(): os.system('cls' if'nt' else 'clear') def top(): animation=( ''' FRAME 1 ''' , ''' FRAME 2 ''' ) while True: for i in animation: print(animation[animation.index(i)]) time.sleep(2) clear() def bottom(): print("There is animation above, and this text will dissapear in few seconds. But I would like it to stay and only clear top section") #main body of the program if __name__ == '__main__': Thread(target = top).start() Thread(target = bottom).start()

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