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board=list(''' | | -|-|- | | -|-|- | | ''') print (*board) while (not board[1] or " "==board[3] or " "==board[5] or " " and not board[13]==board[15]==board[17] and not board[24]==board[26]==board[28] and not board[1]==board[15]==board[28] and not board[5]==board[15]==board[24]): x_move=input ("it is x's turn where would you like to go (1-9): ") if (x_move==1): board[1]=x elif (x_move==2): board[3]=x elif (x_move==3): board[5]=x elif (x_move==4): board[13]=x elif (x_move==5): board[15]=x elif (x_move==6): board[17]=x elif (x_move==7): board[24]=x elif (x_move==8): board[26]=x elif (x_move==9): board[28]=x print (*board) o_move=input ("it is o's turn where would you like to go (1-9): ") if (x_move==1): board[1]=o elif (x_move==2): board[3]=o elif (x_move==3): board[5]=o elif (x_move==4): board[13]=o elif (x_move==5): board[15]=o elif (x_move==6): board[17]=o elif (x_move==7): board[24]=o elif (x_move==8): board[26]=o elif (x_move==9): board[28]=o print (*board)

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