Introducing multifile project

We listened to our users those who wanted to run multifile C++ projects and here we are with support of multifile project. Now you can create multiple file for single project and can run as a single project.

You can create new file either by pressing “Ctrl + M” or “New file” button from control-bar on top.

Here is a sample multifile C++ project.

Introducing runnable c/c++ code snippets

We are excited to introduce runnable c/c++ code snippets. Now you can embed code snippets which can be executed from your website/blog. Here is live example of embded runnable code snippet.


Below are steps to embed runnable code snippets to your own website.

  1. Goto
  2. Write and test your code
  3. Click “Share” button
  4. Copy “Embed Code” link, which would look like code below.
    <script src="//"></script>
  5. Paste it in your article/page of your website where you want to display runnable code.Thats it. Now your readers can run your code snippets from your website.