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''' This is a program that solves a tile puzzle ( It was used to solve a puzzle in a point and click game ( ''' import queue #draw the 3x3 grid with the starting configuration of the tiles #space is used to mean empty tile start = ''' ┘│< ┐─┐ └┌ ''' #draw the 3x3 grid with the goal configuration of the tiles goal = ''' ┌─┐ └┐│ <┘ ''' #throwable object containing moves history to reach goal class ReachedGoal(Exception): def __init__(self, history): super().__init__() self.history = history #perform breath first search on tree of moves and stop as soon as a goal configuration is reached #this will give the shortest path from start configuration (the root of the tree) to the goal configuration encoded_goal = ''.join(ele for row in goal.strip('\n').split('\n') for ele in row) grid = [ list(row) for row in start.strip('\n').split('\n') ] encoded_grid = ''.join(ele for row in grid for ele in row) visited = { encoded_grid } q = queue.Queue() q.put((grid, [])) #(current grid, moves history) try: while not q.empty(): (grid, history) = q.get() for y in range(3): for x in range(3): if grid[y][x] == ' ': #try moving all possible tiles adjacent to the empty tile for (dy, dx) in [(0,1), (0,-1), (1,0), (-1,0)]: if not (0 <= y+dy < 3 and 0 <= x+dx < 3): continue new_history = history + [ (y+dy, x+dx) ] new_grid = [ list(row) for row in grid ] #copy current tile configuration (new_grid[y][x], new_grid[y+dy][x+dx]) = (new_grid[y+dy][x+dx], new_grid[y][x]) encoded_new_grid = ''.join(ele for row in new_grid for ele in row) if encoded_new_grid in visited: continue #goal has been reached if encoded_new_grid == encoded_goal: raise ReachedGoal(new_history) visited.add(encoded_new_grid) q.put((new_grid, new_history)) break except ReachedGoal as e: #display history of moves performed in order to reach goal configuration grid = [ [ ' ' for _ in range(3) ] for _ in range(3) ] for (step, (h_y, h_x)) in enumerate(e.history): grid[h_y][h_x] = 'X' print('Step', step+1) for row in grid: print('|'+''.join(row)+'|') print() grid[h_y][h_x] = ' '

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