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/****************************************************************************** Online Java Debugger. Code, Run and Debug Java program online. Write your code in this editor and press "Debug" button to debug program. *******************************************************************************/ public class Main { public static void main(String[] args) { Rectangle shape1 = new Rectangle ("Rectangle",4,5); shape1.displayInfo(); // TODO Auto-generated method stub } }
public class Shape { private String name; public Shape(String n){ name = n; } public void displayInfo(){ System.out.println("The shape is "+name ); } public class Rectangle extends Shape{ private int width; private int height; private int area; private int perimeter; public Rectangle (String n,int w, int h){ super(n); width=w; height=h; } public void RectangleArea(int w,int h){ perimeter = w*h; } public void RectanglePerimeter(int w, int h){ area = w+w+h+h; } public void displayInfo(){ //super.displayInfo(); System.out.println("Width: "+width); System.out.println("Height: "+height); System.out.println("Rectangle Area: "+area); System.out.println("Rectangle Perimeter: "+perimeter); } } public class Circle extends Shape{ private int radius; private double Area; private double Circumference; public Circle(String n,int r){ super(n); radius=r; } public void CircleArea(int r){ Area=(r*r)*3.14; } public void CircleCircumference(int r){ Circumference = 2*3.14*r; } public void displayInfo(){ super.displayInfo(); System.out.println("Radius: "+radius); System.out.println("Circle Area: "+Area); System.out.println("Circle Circumference: "+ Circumference); } } }

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