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#include <stdio.h> int m=0x8CEFF731; // 32 bit bitmap, each nibble is a line of the top 8x8 corner // high 4 bytes have to be OR'd with 0xF0 to produce the right number // decompressed bitmap looks like this: // 01 03 07 0F // FF EF CF 8F // // Each entry is a half line, so to print the top half we print and mirror // 01 10 // 03 30 // 07 70 // 0F F0 // ...etc char s[]=" *"; // this is the string we print from // f is a quick function to decompress a nibble, // then print forward and backwards // it takes in a value b so that I can cleanly print the center value void f(int i, int b){ int j=-1; int v=b>>i; // get just the nibble v=i>15?0xF0|v:v<<4; // if it's a high byte, OR it with 0xF0 v=(v&0xFF)|(i>15)<<8; // set middle value // print for(;j++<16;) putchar(s[v>>(j>8?16-j:j)&1]); putchar('\n'); } int main(){ int i=-1; // print both halves for(;i++<15;) f((i<7 ? i : 15-i)*4, i!=7 ? m : 0); }

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