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def Func1(): print ('Hello from Func1') def Func2(): print ('Hello from Func2') call = { 1: Func1, 2: Func2 } import os, time def Menu(): width = os.get_terminal_size().columns print("Schiffssysteme".center(width, '=')) print("[1] Energiesystem") print("[2] Sonstige Systeme") print("=".center(width, '=')) Eingabe = input("Auswahl: ") try: #to test if input is a number Eingabe = int(Eingabe) if Eingabe in call: return Eingabe except ValueError: pass print("Bitte Zahl eingeben!") time.sleep(1) Menu() choice = Menu() call[choice]() #M# function variable name call, call function with variable name, input choice, integer validation, error prevention

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