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#include <iostream> #include <map> #include <string> //This is just an example function, you process something and //we assume it return 3 int doSomething() { return 3; } int main() { std::map<int, std::string> myMap; //Assume your code process something and then, your map look like this: //(it will be different on each time the program is run) myMap[0] = "first"; myMap[1] = "second"; myMap[2] = "third"; bool isOK = true; while (isOK) { //Notice that doSomething() is a dynamic function, //I just assume that this time it return value = 3 int key = doSomething(); if (myMap[key] == "someThingWeWant") { //Do something std::cout << "someThingWeWant\n"; } else { //Do something std::cout << "not someThingWeWant\n"; } isOK = false; } //More code here continue process with myMap return 0; }

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