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/****************************************************************************** Welcome to GDB Online. GDB online is an online compiler and debugger tool for C, C++, Python, PHP, Ruby, C#, VB, Perl, Swift, Prolog, Javascript, Pascal, HTML, CSS, JS Code, Compile, Run and Debug online from anywhere in world. *******************************************************************************/ #include <stdio.h> int max_rotation(int board[]); void stage_two(int board[],int threat[],int q[]); int main() { // board[64] is used to print solutions // threat[64] is used to indicate which square are threatened // stores the value of first queen to threaten specific square // q[15] are the queens, value indicates where each is located int board[64],threat[64],q[15]; int i,n,safe; // counter variable, index to queens array, // 'safe' is count of remaining non-threatened squares // these non-threatened square will be occupied by the last army // (no need to search for those positions) int x,y,x1,y1;//grid coordinates //initialize arrays for(i=0;i<64;i++){board[i]=0;threat[i]=0;} n=1; // first queen q[n]=0;// at position 0 for(;;){ // while current position is not allowed, move to next position while(threat[q[n]]<0)if(++q[n]==64)break; if(q[n]<64){ // if current position is on the board board[q[n]]=1; // '1' indicates a queen of the first army ('x') x=q[n]%8;y=q[n]/8;// grid coordinates of current position for(i=0,safe=0;i<64;i++){ // loop to update threatened squares x1=i%8;y1=i/8; // grid coordinates of test position if(threat[i]==0){ // if test position not already threatened // if test position threatened by current queen: if(x==x1||y==y1||x-x1==y-y1||x-x1==y1-y)threat[i]=n; else safe++; // count non-threatened squares } } // if we have 5 queens in first army and enough safe squares if(n==5 && safe>8){ // to hold remaining armies // max_rotation avoids repeated searches // stage_two places queens of second army if(max_rotation(board)==1)stage_two(board,threat,q); }else if(n<5 && safe>8){ // condition for continuing q[n+1]=q[n]+1; // next queen starts in next position n++; // advance index to next queen continue; } }else{ // if queen n is off the board, return to previous queen if(--n==0)break; // if first queen is off the board, we're done } for(;;){ // before moving queen, clear all squares // first threatened by the current queen for(i=0;i<64;i++)if(threat[i]==n)threat[i]=0; board[q[n]]=0; // '0' is vacant square if(n==1){ // if the first queen is moving // mark this position and all rotations/reflections // as forbidden to avoid most repeated positions x=q[n]%8;y=q[n]/8; threat[8*y+x]=-1; threat[8*x+y]=-1; threat[8*y+7-x]=-1; threat[8*x+7-y]=-1; threat[8*(7-y)+x]=-1; threat[8*(7-x)+y]=-1; threat[8*(7-y)+7-x]=-1; threat[8*(7-x)+7-y]=-1; } // if more positions available for current queen, if(++q[n]<64)break; // return to outer loop // no more positions, return to previous queen if(--n==0)break; // return to outer loop if no more queens } if(n==0)break; // in no queens, we're done } return 0; } void stage_two(int board[],int threat[],int q[]) { static int k=0; // counts number of solutions found (some may be repeated) int i,n,safe; // same as before int x,y,x1,y1; n=6;q[n]=0; // first army has 5 queens, start this army with 6th queen for(;;){ // while current position is threatened by first army while(threat[q[n]]!=0 && threat[q[n]]<6)if(++q[n]==64)break; if(q[n]<64){ board[q[n]]=2; // '2' indicates second army ('o') x=q[n]%8;y=q[n]/8; for(i=0,safe=0;i<64;i++){ x1=i%8;y1=i/8; if(threat[i]==0){ if(x==x1||y==y1||x-x1==y-y1||x-x1==y1-y)threat[i]=n; else safe++; } } // if 5 queens in second army and at least if(n==10 && safe>3){ // 4 safe squares for third army k++; printf("(%d) %d %d\n",k,n,safe); for(i=0;i<64;i++){ if(threat[i]==0)board[i]=3; // safe squares = third army ('#') switch(board[i]){ case 0:printf(". ");break; case 1:printf("x ");break; case 2:printf("o ");break; case 3:printf("# ");break; } if(i%8==7)printf("\n"); if(board[i]==3)board[i]=0; // remove third army } printf("\n"); }else if(n<10 && safe>3){ q[n+1]=q[n]+1; n++; continue; } }else{ if(--n==5)break; } for(;;){ for(i=0;i<64;i++)if(threat[i]==n)threat[i]=0; board[q[n]]=0; if(++q[n]<64)break; if(--n==5)break; } if(n==5)break; } if(k>1000)for(i=0;i<64;i++)threat[i]=-1; } int max_rotation(int board[]) { unsigned long boardbits[8]={0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0}; unsigned long currentbit; int i,x,y; currentbit=1; currentbit<<=63; for(i=0;i<64;i++){ x=i%8;y=i/8; if(board[8*y+x]==1)boardbits[0]|=currentbit; if(board[8*x+y]==1)boardbits[1]|=currentbit; if(board[8*y+7-x]==1)boardbits[2]|=currentbit; if(board[8*x+7-y]==1)boardbits[3]|=currentbit; if(board[8*(7-y)+x]==1)boardbits[4]|=currentbit; if(board[8*(7-x)+y]==1)boardbits[5]|=currentbit; if(board[8*(7-y)+7-x]==1)boardbits[6]|=currentbit; if(board[8*(7-x)+7-y]==1)boardbits[7]|=currentbit; currentbit>>=1; } for(i=1;i<8;i++)if(boardbits[i]>boardbits[0])return 0; return 1; }

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