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import java.util.Scanner; public class Main { public static void main(String[] args) { Scanner scnr = new Scanner(; // Class variables // Create New Dog Dog dogger = new Dog(); // Create New Monkey Monkey monker = new Monkey(); // Method to add animals System.out.println("Is the animal a monkey or dog?"); String choice =; if (choice == "monkey"){ System.out.println("Give bananas"); } else if (choice == "dog"){ System.out.println("Woof"); } else{ System.out.println("That was an improper response. Please exit the program and try again."); } } }
import java.text.SimpleDateFormat; public class RescueAnimal { // Class variables private static String name; private static String type; private static String gender; private static int age; private static float weight; private static SimpleDateFormat acquisitionDate; private static SimpleDateFormat statusDate; private static String acquisitionSource; private static Boolean reserved; private static String trainingLocation; private static SimpleDateFormat trainingStart; private static SimpleDateFormat trainingEnd; private static String trainingStatus; private static String inServiceCountry; private static String inServiceCity; private static String inServiceAgency; private static String inServicePOC; private static String inServiceEmail; private static String inServicePhone; private static String inServicePostalAddress; // Constructor public RescueAnimal() { } // Add Accessor Methods here public static void setName(String name_set){ name = name_set; } public static void setType(String type_set){ type = type_set; } public static void setGender(String gender_set){ gender = gender_set; } public static void setAge(int age_set){ age = age_set; } public static void setWeight(float weight_set){ weight = weight_set; } public static void setAcDate(SimpleDateFormat datter){ acquisitionDate = datter; } public static void setStatDate(SimpleDateFormat datter){ statusDate = datter; } public static void setAcSource(String acSource_set){ acquisitionSource = acSource_set; } public static void setReserve(Boolean reservation){ reserved = reservation; } public static void setTrainLocal(String local_set){ trainingLocation = local_set; } public static void setTrainStart(SimpleDateFormat datter){ trainingStart = datter; } public static void setTrainEnd(SimpleDateFormat datter){ trainingEnd = datter; } public static void setTrainStat(String trainStat_set){ trainingStatus = trainStat_set; } public static void setCountry(String country_set){ inServiceCountry = country_set; } public static void setCity(String city_set){ inServiceCity = city_set; } public static void setAgent(String agent_set){ inServiceAgency = agent_set; } public static void setPOC(String POC_set){ inServicePOC = POC_set; } public static void setEmail(String email_set){ inServiceEmail = email_set; } public static void setPhone(String phone_set){ inServicePhone = phone_set; } public static void setAddress(String address_set){ inServicePostalAddress = address_set; } // Add Mutator Methods here public static String getName(){ return name; } public static String getType(){ return type; } public static String getGender(){ return gender; } public static int getAge(){ return age; } public static float getWeight(){ return weight; } public static SimpleDateFormat getAcDate(){ return acquisitionDate; } public static SimpleDateFormat getStatDate(){ return statusDate; } public static String getAcSource(){ return acquisitionSource; } public static Boolean getReserve(){ return reserved; } public static String getTrainLocal(){ return trainingLocation; } public static SimpleDateFormat getTrainStart(){ return trainingStart; } public static SimpleDateFormat getTrainEnd(){ return trainingEnd; } public static String getTrainStat(){ return trainingStatus; } public static String getCountry(){ return inServiceCountry; } public static String getCity(){ return inServiceCity; } public static String getAgent(){ return inServiceAgency; } public static String getPOC(){ return inServicePOC; } public static String getEmail(){ return inServiceEmail; } public static String getPhone(){ return inServicePhone; } public static String getAddress(){ return inServicePostalAddress; } }
public class Dog extends RescueAnimal { // Class variable public String breed; // Constructor public Dog() { } // Accessor Method public String getBreed() { return breed; } // Mutator Method public void setBreed(String dogBreed) { breed = dogBreed; } }
public class Monkey extends RescueAnimal { // Class variable public static String breed; public static float tailLength; public static float height; public static float bodyLength; public static String species; public static float torso; public static float neck; public static float skull; // Constructor public Monkey() { } // Accessor Method public static String getBreed() { return breed; } public static float getTailLength() { return tailLength; } public static float getHeight() { return height; } public static float getBodyLength() { return bodyLength; } public static String getSpecies() { return species; } public static float getTorso() { return torso; } public static float getNeck() { return neck; } public static float getSull() { return skull; } // Mutator Method public static void setBreed(String monkeyBreed) { breed = monkeyBreed; } public static void setTailLength(float tLength) { tailLength = tLength; } public static void setHeight(float height_set) { height = height_set; } public static void setBodyLength(float bodyLength_set) { bodyLength = bodyLength_set; } public static void setSpecies(String species_set) { species = species_set; } public static void setTorso(float torso_set) { torso = torso_set; } public static void setNeck(float neck_set) { neck = neck_set; } public static void setSkull(float skull_set) { skull = skull_set; } }

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