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answer = input("what's the word") answer_list = list(answer) #list version of the original word presentation = [] for i in range(len(answer_list)): presentation.append("_") #makes a list that shows the progress of the player during the game incorrect = 0 #number of allowed guesses completion = False # condition for end game while completion == False: attempt = input('guess') ind = 0 #index of the guess that appears in answer_list count = 0 #number of occurences of the guess in answer_list for x in answer_list: #searches for all occurences of the guess in answer_list and change presentation accordingly if x == attempt: num = answer_list.index(attempt) presentation[num] = attempt answer_list[num] = 0 #if there is an occurence, replace that occurence with 0 in answer_list count += 1 if count>0: print ("Your guess is correct, there was/were {} matches in the word".format(count)) print(presentation) elif count == 0: incorrect += 1 if incorrect == 5: print("You lost") break if any(answer_list) == False: #since all 0 have a negative truthy value, we can use any() to check if any element has a truthy value print("Congrats, you got everything correct") completion = True break

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