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#include <stdio.h> #include <time.h> #define C_LIM 6 #define R_LIM 6 int adj[8]={-9,-8,-7,-1,1,7,8,9}; unsigned long flags[64]; unsigned long bit[37]; int grid[64],preset[37]; int count; void update_flags(int pos,int val); void recur(int val); void print_grid(); void set(int row,int col,int val){ int i,pos; pos=(row<<3)|col; grid[pos]=val; preset[val]=pos; //update_flags(pos,val); for(i=0;i!=8;++i)flags[pos+adj[i]]^=bit[val]; } int main() { unsigned long b=1; time_t t0,t1; int i,r,c; for(i=0;i<37;++i)bit[i]=b<<i; //set(row,col,val) set(1,2,7); set(3,3,18); t0=time(NULL); recur(1); t1=time(NULL); printf("%d %ld\n",count,t1-t0); return 0; } void update_flags(int pos,int val){ for(int i=0;i!=8;++i) flags[pos+adj[i]]^=bit[val]; } void recur(int val){ unsigned long u; int i,j,r,c; if(val<3){ if(preset[val])recur(val+1); else{ for(r=6;--r;) for(c=6;--c;){ i=(r<<3)|c; if(grid[i])continue; grid[i]=val; for(j=8;j--;)flags[i+adj[j]]^=bit[val]; recur(val+1); for(j=8;j--;)flags[i+adj[j]]^=bit[val]; grid[i]=0; } } return; } if(val==26){ ++count; print_grid(); return; } if(preset[val]){ for(j=1;j+j<val;++j){ u=bit[j]|bit[val-j]; if((flags[preset[val]]&u)==u)break; } if(j+j<val)recur(val+1); return; } for(r=6;--r;) for(c=6;--c;){ i=(r<<3)|c; if(grid[i])continue; for(j=1;j+j<val;++j){ u=bit[j]|bit[val-j]; if((flags[i]&u)==u)break; } if(j+j<val){ grid[i]=val; for(j=8;j--;)flags[i+adj[j]]^=bit[val]; recur(val+1); for(j=8;j--;)flags[i+adj[j]]^=bit[val]; grid[i]=0; } } } void print_grid(){ int i,c,r; //printf("$$\\begin{array}{|c|c|c|c|c|}\\hline "); for(r=1;r<6;++r){ for(c=1;c<6;++c){ i=(r<<3)|c; printf("%02d%c",grid[i],c==5?'\n':' '); //printf("%d%s",grid[i],c==5?" \\\\ \\hline ":" & "); } } //printf("\\end{array}$$\n"); }

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