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#include<stdio.h> #include<setjmp.h> #define R return #define W(x)for(;x;) #define I typedef #define H unsigned I jmp_buf J; I void P; I char L; I int Q; I H C; I long long V; I H char O; I H short Y; I H long long Z; O S[]="syntax_error!" "[email protected]~|JOEF\\^~_NHI]"; L*N,*K,* B,*E,*T,*A,*x,D; Q(*k)(),v; V z(P),j,_,* o,b,f,u,s,c,a,t,e,d; J l; Q _k(P){ R*K?*K++: ~-d; } V r(L a){ R a&&putchar(a); } L n(){ R*T=j= k(),++j; } O G(P){ *o=d,longjmp(l,b); } Z g(Y a){ R a >>s|(a&~-e)<<s;} C p(L*T) { W(r(*T++)); *--T-c&&r(c);} L m (P){ W(!((v=A[*T++])-f)); R v; } P q(L**N) { O*q; b=!b; f=-~b; u=f|b; s=b<<u; c=s|f; a=s<<f; t=-~u; e=a <<u; D=v=u<<t;q=S +c-~t; q[~s]=a; q--[f]+=a;q--[c ]+=a; B=(L*) N+~e*e;x=B+e ; A=B+e/f; o=(V*)(x+a ); A[- ~s]=f; T =K =A- a*f;A[*-- q]=c+ c; *q=! c; W (++j&&* ++q) A[*q-a ]=j; W(v<D +c) x[v- D]= v,A[ v++ ]=j; ++j ,v= D=e/ t; W(++ v<= D+f* u)x [v-D+~ -c]= v|a,A[ v]=A [v|a]=j; W(( A[v]=A[v|a ]=j ,++v<a*u+~t)); for( ; E=*++N;T[~d] =a)W (*T++=*E++);k= T -K?_k: getchar; } Z h (C a){ R(g(a)<<s* f)+g(a>>s*f); } P _i (L*T) { *o||p(T); } V _b(V a ){ Z e=a ; R A[*T++]!=v+c?G():~-v ?a<<z():c-A [*T++]+b ?--T,a>> z():e>>z();} V _c(L* l){ T=B +a; W(j)*T-- =v+j%c ,j/=c; E=B+ (*B== a+c+u );W(T< B+a)* E++=* ++T; T =E ; l-B&& ++ *-- E; } P M( Z k){ L*p,e =a>> u; m ()&&G( ); p =T=B ; _=j=k ; v=u <<t,* T=a; j<d &&(*T+++=c+u,j=j==-j?++p,--j:-j);!j?*T++= v:_c(p); *T++=-~s; *T++=v;*T++=a*t-s; p=T ; E=T+=s*f; W(k)*T--=x[k&~-a/f],k>>=e; W(T -e*f>p)*T--=v; W(T<E)*p++=*++T; *p=d;} P U (L*E){ V*N=o,f; *E=f=d; W(++f<c*u-u)*++N &&(M(*N),r(f+a*u),r(-~s),p(B),*(T=E)=d) ; } V w(P){ L*S=N,*x=N; E=T=B; E+=a <<f; W(T <E &&n( ))* T==a -~u ?U(T),T:*T==c?E=S?T=S:T:S?T:*T==(a|u)?S=T:*T==a*f-c/f?E=T:!x&&A[*T]!=f?x=T++: ++T; *T=d;R j&&!x?w():T-B; } P _d(V e){ L T=c*f-f;V o=j*e+v; D=d; A[v]==T++?D =u<<t:e>c&&A[v]==T++&&(v|a)-a*-~f<~-s?D=b+(v&a)+a*f-c:d; D&&(j=o-D); }V y(P){ V a=z();W(m()&&v<c+f&&(v-=u<<b)>=d)v?v-b?v-f?v-u?v-=t,a=_b(a):(a&=z()):(a%=z( )):(a/=z()):(a*=z()); R--T,a;} V _f(P){ V e=c; j=d; D=b; *T==u<<t&&(e-=f)&&(* ++T|a)>>f==a-f&&(e<<=b)&&T++; W(D&&(v=*T++))_d(e); R--T,j; } V F(P){ V n=y(); W(m()&&v<u*f)v<t?n+=(v-f)*y():v-b^t?n^=y():(n|=y()); R--T,n; } V i(Z n){R n>> a/f? n>>a ?h(n)<<a|h(n>>a ):h(n):g(n); } Q main(Q x ,L**K){ V*A; q(K); W(w())** K-c*c-b||p(B),_i(!setjmp(l)?T=B ,M(((A=(*o=m()==c-~s&&(j=a|T[-b])&& s-m()==~s)?&o[j-a*u]:(T=B,&_)),*A=F()) ),B:(L*)S); } V z(P){ V s; W(m() &&v<=f*c )R v<t ?(v-f)* z():( v-=u<< f)<f ?v?--v ?G() : i(z( )):~ z( ): (v-= f) <u ?v?s = F() ,m() ==a>> b?s :G (): _:! (v-= t)? --T,_f (): v-f?o[ (T[ -b]|a)- a*u]: !z(); G(); }

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