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#!/bin/bash # Scrabble Clock add=450 max=1200 start=460 sub=1 #coordinate with the timeout on read command below # Set up players and timers arrays players=() timers=() totals=() clear echo -e "Type each player's name, then press Enter, in the order of play." echo -e "After you have finished, press Enter again to begin." read; while [[ ${#REPLY} -ne 0 ]] do players+=(${REPLY}) timers+=(${start}) totals+=(0) read; done clear cur=0 isPaused=false # Next player function next_player () { timers[cur]=$(( ${timers[cur]} + ${add} )) timers[cur]=$(( ${timers[cur]}>max ? max : ${timers[cur]})) cur=$((${cur}+1)) cur=$((${cur} % ${#players[@]})) } # Action & display while true do if $isPaused then # No-one plays at the moment echo -e "\rGame is paused. Press 'p' again to resume." read -n1 input [[ $input = p ]] && isPaused=false clear else clear timers[cur]=$(( ${timers[cur]} - sub )) totals[cur]=$(( ${totals[cur]} + sub )) fi echo "It is ${players[${cur}]}'s turn." for index in "${!players[@]}"; do echo "${players[index]}: ${timers[index]}"; done echo -e "\r " echo -e "Press n once you announce a valid word." echo -e "You can press p to pause or e to exit the game." if (( ${timers[cur]} < 100 )); then ((left = ${timers[cur]} / 10 )) echo echo -e "\t ONLY ${left} SECONDS LEFT!" fi if (( ${timers[cur]} < 1 )); then echo -e "\r " echo -e "\rYou have run out of time and forfeited your turn." echo -e "\rPress any key to start the next player's turn." read -n1 input next_player fi read -n1 -t 0.1 input case $input in e|E) # Exit break ;; p|P) # Pause isPaused=true ;; n|N) # Next player echo -e "\r " echo -e "\rPlace your tiles, record your score, and draw new letters." echo -e "\rThen, press any key to move to the next player." read -n1 input next_player ;; esac done clear echo -e "Total time used by each player (not counting playing tiles and recording score):" for index in "${!players[@]}"; do echo "${players[index]}: ${totals[index]}"; done echo echo -e "Time left at the end of the game:" for index in "${!players[@]}"; do echo "${players[index]}: ${timers[index]}"; done echo

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