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#include <algorithm> // for sorting #include <string> #include <unordered_map> // for storing words/anagrams #include <iostream> #include <fstream> #include <set> // create a class that will hold all words class dictionary_t { public: // load a text file with one word per line void load(const std::string& filename) { std::ifstream file{ filename }; std::string word; while (file >> word) { add_anagram(word); } } auto& find_anagrams(const std::string& word) { const auto key = get_key(word); // intentionally allow an empty entry to be made if word has no anagrams yet // for readability easier error handling (not for space/time efficiency) auto& anagrams = m_anagrams[key]; return anagrams; } // show all anagrams for a word void show_anagrams(const std::string& word) { std::cout << "anagrams for word '" << word << "' are : "; auto anagrams = find_anagrams(word); for (const auto& anagram : anagrams) { if (anagram != word) { std::cout << anagram << " "; } } std::cout << "\n"; } private: // this function is key to the whole idea // two words are anagrams if they sort their letters // to the same order. e.g. beast and betas both sort (alphabetically) to abest std::string get_key(const std::string& word) { std::string key{ word }; // all anagrams sort to the same order of characters. std::sort(key.begin(), key.end()); return key; } void add_anagram(const std::string& word) { // find the vector of anagrams for this word auto& anagrams = find_anagrams(word); // then add word to it (I use a set so all words will be unique even // if input file contains duplicates) anagrams.insert(word); } std::unordered_map<std::string, std::set<std::string>> m_anagrams; }; int main() { dictionary_t dictionary; dictionary.load("words.txt"); dictionary.show_anagrams("beast"); dictionary.show_anagrams("tacos"); return 0; }
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