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# author: ankan2526 import math, bisect, heapq, random, sys, itertools input=sys.stdin.readline ints = lambda : list(map(int,input().split())) p=10**9+7 alpha = "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz" for t in range(int(input())): a,b,c=ints() x,y,z = sorted([a,b,c]) temp=x+y #print(temp,temp-z) if (temp-z)%2==0 and (temp-z)//2>0: print("YES") x1,y1=1,1 x2,y2=x+1,1 x3=(temp-z)//2+1 y3=y-(temp-z)//2+1 points=[[x1,y1],[x2,y2],[x3,y3]] per = list(itertools.permutations(points)) for l in per: d1=abs(l[0][0]-l[1][0])+abs(l[0][1]-l[1][1]) d2=abs(l[2][0]-l[1][0])+abs(l[2][1]-l[1][1]) d3=abs(l[0][0]-l[2][0])+abs(l[0][1]-l[2][1]) if d1==a and d2==b and d3==c: for j in l: print(*j) break else: print("NO")

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