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/****************************************************************************** Online C Compiler. Code, Compile, Run and Debug C program online. Write your code in this editor and press "Run" button to compile and execute it. ****************************************************************************** There are two rates for calculating a cable bill: one for residential and one for business customers. Rates that apply for residential customers: Rates that apply for business customers: 1- Customer account Number (an integer) 2- Customer code (B/b for business customers and R/r for residential). If the customer type is R or r. 1- Prompt the user for the number of premium channels. 2- Compute the bill 3- Print the bill If the customer type is B or b 1- Prompt the user for the number of basic service connections and number of premium channels. 2- Compute the bill. 3- Print the bill. NOTE: Based on the information above. First develop formulas for bills for both customer types and get it checked by any of the instructor in the lab, once approved then start impleme */ #include <stdio.h> void prompt(void); compute(int, int); void print(char *,int); int main() { int an; char c; printf("enter the customer account number"); scanf("%d",&an) ; printf("enter the customer code B/b for business customer and R/r for residential"); scanf(" %c",&c); int k,j,i; if(c=='B' || c=='b') { k=20,j=50,k; char b[]="bussiness"; prompt(); k=compute(j,k); print(b,k); } else if(c=='R' || c=='r') { char a[]="residential"; k=20,j=100; prompt(); k= compute(j,k); print(a,k); } return 0; } void prompt() { printf("promt channels"); printf("per channel 50 20channels"); } compute(int k,int j) { printf("promt computing"); return j*k; } void print(char* a,int k) { printf("bill for %s\n",a); printf("%d\n",k); }

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